Memory Garden

There are places in this world that call to our souls – that seem to possess their own spirit and heartbeat. St. Marys itself is one such place and now, within the town, there is another – the Memory Garden beside historic Oak Grove Cemetery.

Beyond, or perhaps contributing to, the rare and ephemeral beauty of its location, the story of the Memory Garden represents the true and abiding character of St. Marys. Born of a desire to preserve a greenspace and to honor the cemetery, the Memory Garden began as a dream of what could be.

From a tentative concept, the strength of the vision blossomed: voices of support, and offers of assistance were found at every turn as the overwhelming generosity that is a hallmark of St. Marys once again made itself known in full.

It was decided that a Tribute Pathway would be created, upon which all citizens could engrave the names of loved ones. The outpouring of interest demonstrated the reverence with which we hold our families and friends and the profound pride that we take in our community. Then, in an act of purest charity, bricks were ordered that would say simply "Hope, Dream, Faith, Honor God, Trust" – bricks that would speak to all with words of encouragement and beauty.

The Memory Garden stands as a testament to the selfless nature of the people of St. Marys and we are all graced by this true "labor of love". It is said "To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders." (Chang-Tsu). We invite you to rest for a time in the gazebo, quiet your thoughts, ease your heart…and share the memories.

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